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    Hire LaserWorld CS-8000RGB FX MK2 Full-Colour Laser

    CS8000RGB FX Full-Colour Laser 28kpps Motor ILDA/DMX 8000mW

    A powerful semi-professional pure diode laser, capable of intense standard laser effects like beams, waves and tunnels but also basic graphics all of which can combine with the 2 built in grating effects to become a real room filler. This laser has easy plug and play, sound-to-light and stand-alone modes, DMX control, so it can be controlled with the rest of the lighting, but also has an ILDA port for computer control. Perfect for medium-sized to large nightclub installs, indoor as well as small outdoor events.

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    Hire LaserWorld CS1000 RGB

    The Laserworld CS-1000RGB is a full color RGB show laser system, runs in DMX, auto or music modes and has an ILDA interface for computer control. This laser projector has an output power of up to 1’000 mW.

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    Hire Laserworld DS-1000RGB