Hire Lighting Desks

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    FLX S24

    FLX S24
    Ultimate portability, offering a powerful LED and moving light controller
    in a small 19” unit with direct access to each of the lights in your rig:

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    Hire Jester ML24

    The Jester ML24 is a powerful performer across rock, theatre and corporate lighting presentations. The console offers users a cost effective solution for control of up to 30 moving lights and 24 dimmer channels. Featuring an effects system, recorded pallets, and an extensive library of fixture personalities, the Jester ML24 is an ideal choice for mixed lighting venues. Screen Not Included

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    Hire Level 6

    Level 6 DMX is designed to be a simple and intuitive small lighting desk, making it ideal for DMX control applications as diverse as schools, meeting rooms and museums.

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    Hire Zero88 FLX

    Zero88 FLX

    Designed to save you time and maximise your creativity, the FLX lighting console is fully featured, portable and easy to use.

    From design to manufacture, FLX has been developed to work in a wide range of demanding situations, with specific considerations for live events & hire, touring productions, multi purpose venues, theatres and educational application