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    The Achromic AS8 Column PA System is lightweight, portable and feature packed. Offering an impressive output from a very compact column system, it is the ideal choice for live PA, musicians, and mobile entertainers looking for an extremely portable PA setup. The System includes: (1) 8-inch active sub woofer, (1) column speaker with six 2-75-inch speakers, (1) spacer, (1) carry bag for column speakers

    The fully-featured and easy to setup Achromic AS8 system comprises an active 8-inch subwoofer enclosure alongside two column units. One is loaded with six precision-aligned 2.75” speaker cones while the other serves as a spacer to lift the speaker column up to optimal height. Both feature Avante’s new SAM (Secure Array Mount) system which allows the columns to lock securely to the sub and to one another without risk of being toppled over. The SAM connection also passes the audio signal from the sub up to the columns, removing the need for speaker cables, and allows the main column to connect directly to the sub without using the spacer if required, ideal for performances from a high stage.

    Featuring a Class D power amplifier with built-in limiter that delivers 800W of power, the sub unit also integrates a flexible three-channel mixer with 2-band EQ. This allows direct connection of line-level audio sources as well as microphones and even a guitar, making the system ideal for acoustic solo performers, duos and even small bands. The unit is also equipped with a Bluetooth audio connection that allows wireless streaming of music from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

    The lightweight system can be easily transported in a small car and is supplied with a padded bag for carrying and protecting the column units. This makes it the perfect system for DJs as well as live musicians playing in small venues such as coffee houses and lounges.

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    Hire DAS Event Line Array System

    Das Event Line Array System

    • 12 x Event 26A Array Cabs
    • 8 x Event 115A Subs
    • 2 x Flying Frames
    • 4 x Ground Frames
    • 1 x Allen & Heath SQ-6 Digital Console
    • 2 x AB1608 Digital Stage Boxes
    • 2 x Cat5 Reels
    • All Connecting Cabling
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    Hire Portable PA System (Mains or Battery)

    Hire Portable PA System (Mains or Battery)

    £20 +Vat P/D – £60 +Vat P/W 

    So, you need the sound of a powerful, professional loudspeaker with the portability of a boom box? Meet Thump GO; the take-it-anywhere, Bluetooth® equipped, ultra-flexible, battery-powered loudspeaker. Built to make your life a whole lot easier, Thump GO offers lightning-fast setup and simple-yet-powerful sound processing, plus flexible inputs, Bluetooth® streaming, and wireless control via the Thump Connect 2 app.

    Most importantly, Thump GO will amplify the real you with clear, punchy, and accurate sound wherever you call your stage. Take the performance of the renowned Thump Series anywhere, with the Thump GO Portable Battery-Powered Loudspeaker.

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    Hire Sound Pack Four

    Sound Pack Five Which comes complete with a Allen & Heath SQ-6 Mixing desk and two 16 channel stage boxes and a 80M Cat5 reel.

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    Hire Sound Pack One 2KW

    Sound Pack One  2KW PA System complete with a 12 channel Soundcraft mixer two speaker stand a CD player, 4 x vocal microphones, 1 x IPod lead and all connecting cabling.

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    Hire Sound Pack Three

    Sound Pack Three PA System Complete with a Allen & Heath SQ-5 digital mixing desk and all connection leads.

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    Hire Sound Pack Two 4KW

    Sound Pack Two 4KW PA System complete with a 12 channel Soundcraft mixer two speaker stands a CD player, 4 x vocal microphones, 1 x IPod lead and all connecting cabling.

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    Hire Sound Pack VN 2000