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    Hire Platinum Beam 5R Extreme

    The new Platinum Beam 5R EXTREME™
    features the 189W Platinum 5R lamp, a 3° sharp pin spot beam, 8-facet rotating prism and frost effects, super-fast 16 bit 3-phase pan/tilt motors, strobe (1-18 fps), dimming 0-100%, and focus, 12 colors including UV, CTO, CTB and white (open), 8 metal rotating, indexing, interchangeable gobos, internal EWDMX wireless DMX receiver, Remote Device Management protocol support, 3pin and 5pin DMX in/out and powerCON in connections, (6) button touch control panel, 350W max power consumption and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (120-240V).
    If you like the Clay Paky Sharpy you will love the Beam Extreme.

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    Kudos 350ZS