Hire Snow Machine

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    The Arctic Snow machine is perfect for creating the wintry atmosphere you may need for your event, production, film or photo shoot.

    With its continuous high output and low fluid consumption, the Arctic Snow machine creates an amazingly realistic snow effect. Covering an area of 6m / 18ft in diameter, it offers unrivalled performance and reliability.

    Its compact design, and its super quiet operation means it’s small enough to be slipped out of sight, and quiet enough not to interfere with your production or event. In addition, its convenient handling and mounting points allow it to be mounted easily to a roof, ceiling or boom, giving you the option of directing the snow wherever you need it.

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    Hire SNOW5000 – Antari PM-1

    The PM-1 is an optional pan motor which can be used in combination with the S-500 snow machine and allows you to control the pan movement of your snow machine.
    By using this accessory you increase the coverage of this already powerful machine.
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    Hire SNOW5000 Professional Snow Machine


    The BeamZ SNOW5000 is a professional snow machine that’s been designed for events companies, rental companies and stage usage which require an output that’s far greater than a standard foam snow machine can produce.

    The water-based foam snow machine comes with a large handheld output nozzle that’s attached to a convenient 10m long hose to aid in dispersion over a larger area, while the snow machine itself is fitted to a live-in flight case that keeps it well protected when being transported.

    This professional snow machine is touring grade construction, making it an ideal choice for hire companies that need a really durable system that can take the knocks of rental life, or for stage shows and theatres looking for a powerful yet still portable artificial snow machine.

    The volume of air and the fluid feed rate on this artificial snow machine can be adjusted to achieve the perfect snowfall effects from fine snow to blizzard like conditions, with a huge 400ml maximum flow rate and onboard 20-litre fluid tank allowing fast coverage of large areas.

    Easy to operate with it’s LCD screen and keypad controls, this BeamZ professional snow machine offers full DMX integration for inclusion into lighting desk systems and stage lighting rigs. Its economical water-based snow fluid is fully biodegradable and safe for use around children and animals.